Correct and current prices for the purchase of Russian oil products, direct from supplier are not readily accessible. D2 is a specific type of gasoil [GOST 305-82]

This type of diesel is listed by Platts as “Gasoil 0.1%”

This commodity is not listed on any stock or commodity exchange and its price is governed by its demand and supplier.

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It is important to maintain a strong relationship with a supplier and to ensure that payment terms via letters of credit are always in place.

The supplier will be looking to maintain long term relationships with its buyers.

If you are a potential buyer and would like to begin a relationship with a Russian oil exporter, please contact us at

We would be pleased to make the introduction of serious buyers to professional Russian re-sellers


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Platts is the leading global provider of energy and metals information, and the world’s formost source of price assessments in the physical energy markets since 1909.

Platts has enabled the markets to operate with transparency and efficiency, and helped traders, risk managers, analysts and industry leaders make better trading and business decisions.

Typically, we can supply this D2 at Platts minus $18 – $25 per MT

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